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5 Reasons why you should support local businesses

5 Reasons why you should support local businesses

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The effect of COVID-19 on the performance of small businesses across the UK is immense and many of them are changing up how they operate, altering their services to fit the temporary ‘new normal’. Small businesses need your support more than ever. The good thing? Choosing to shop at your local businesses instead of the larger chain stores has many benefits. Here’s why…

Money spent at local small businesses goes right back into communities

Did you know that by spending only £10 in a local independent shop £50 goes back into the local economy? The reason for that is simple: Owners of small businesses will put the money they earned back into their local community by going into local pubs, restaurants, shops and to other places. In addition to that, shopping at small local businesses creates a bigger tax revenue benefit for the whole community and the tax money is staying in the town. The money you spend goes into the pockets of local workers who may be your neighbours or even family members.

You can boost the employment rates by increasing the need for more workers

This is especially important after the COVID-19 crisis as so many people have lost their jobs. When there is an increase in demand, there is always an increase in supply which leads to more job opportunities. Shopping locally supports local entrepreneurs and by helping their businesses to grow, you are helping to increase the numbers of future jobs in the area. Surprisingly, small local businesses are the largest employer of jobs nationally and provide the most local jobs to communities.

You can make positive environmental changes

When you support small, local businesses it has a positive impact on the environment as small businesses often have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies. Just think of packaging and the fuel to transport the goods when ordering online… By shopping “small” you are reducing air pollution and traffic, whilst improving the quality of the nation’s high streets.

Small businesses bring much-needed personality

The great thing about small independent businesses? They are run by people, not by boards, stockholders or algorithms. This means that usually small businesses and shops add character to the community. Small businesses will always be more authentic than big chain businesses. When you walk into a big chain shop, you have no idea in what community you are in whereas in a small shop you will get the feeling of the identity of the community and a unique sense of place.

A lot of local businesses support charities that are relevant to your area

Last but not least, many local businesses support charities that are relevant to the area. This means that by shopping locally you are increasing the number of local donations. You are not only helping the community to thrive economically but also increasing charitable donations.


Supporting local businesses over their larger, international rivals is somewhat of a British tradition. In comparison to other places, the UK has always tried to highlight its local shops. With all this information in mind and as the lockdown laws begin to ease, why not get ready to explore some amazing places in the UK (and supporting their local businesses)? Saving the world one step at a time… or should we say, “One Littletrip at a time”?

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