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Here for small businesses

Here for small businesses

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Our focus here at Littletrips is on the promotion of small businesses across the United Kingdom. Raising people’s awareness of these beautiful communities and how they live and thrive.

"As lockdown laws begin to ease, travellers will be able to explore their own backyard a little more. Luckily, in the UK, we have plenty to see. From the Scottish Highlands to the English moors and the Welsh beaches, there’s a wealth of beauty not too far from home."
Laura Hampson -  Lifestyle & Travel Writer, Evening Standard

How we help

Tourists still have to look at the ‘what is around here folders’ to find a local pub or restaurant. By giving people the ability to find locations that are perfect for them and to be able to create the trip they will enjoy. Being able to find that quaint pub, a beautiful castle or a live event which will make their trip all the more special. By adding these things to do, to their Little Trip they are able to create an easy itinerary that they can follow and invite their friends to.

Small businesses will have the ability to promote themselves within their town, village or hamlet they reside. No longer having to compete with the big named brands and chains.

Are you a small business?

If you're a small business under one of our main categories: Food, Drink, Shops, Attractions. Then add yourself to our newsletter to find out when we launch and take ownership of your business within Littletrips.